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Victim Advocacy. Get to know our Officers below. SECRET EMPIRE.

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MOON KNIGHT #193 MAX BEMIS (W) • JACEN BURROWS (A/C) CRAZY RUNS IN THE FAMILY Part 6 • Two avatars enter the jungle, only one will leave! • The Sun King’s ritual of ascendance is prepared. • But Moon Knight won’t go gentle. 32 PGS./Rated T+ …$3.99. THE ROAD TO MARVEL’S AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR — THE ART OF THE MARVEL CINEMATIC UNIVERSE VOL. 2 HC SLIPCASE Written by ELENI ROUSSOS A threat has emerged from the cosmos: Thanos, a ruthless warlord, plans to collect all of the Infinity Stones. Joined by his formidable allies, he will be nearly unstoppable at achieving his goal. The Avengers, the Guardians of the Galaxy, Doctor Strange and Spider-Man must join forces and fight side-by-side to stop Thanos, while the fate of the Earth and the universe hangs in the balance! Just in time for the highly anticipated event, this keepsake volume celebrates the characters and concepts that will converge in May 2018, collecting art, interviews and photography from films leading up to Marvel’s Avengers: Infinity War! 240 PGS./All Ages …$50.00 ISBN: 978-1-302-91241-3 Trim size: landscape. RUNAWAYS VOL. 10: ROCK ZOMBIES TPB (NEW PRINTING) Written by TERRY MOORE, CHRIS YOST & JAMES ASMUS Penciled by TAKESHI MIYAZAWA, SARA PICHELLI & EMMA RIOS Cover by HUMBERTO RAMOS ON SALE APRIL 2018 A group of kids — including a witch, a robot, a mutant and a time-displaced girl — living together in Los Angeles. What could possibly go wrong? After saying goodbye to one of their own during a conflict with some aggressive alien invaders, the Runaways are attempting to get back to normal — which for them means video games, camping trips and, of course, neutralizing potential violent threats to the City of Angels. Meanwhile, a popular radio DJ is concocting a devious scheme. With the help of a mysterious magician, Val Rhymin produces a song guaranteed to take Los Angeles by storm. Using a mystic chant layered in with the tune, the song magically turns anyone who has undergone plastic surgery into an obedient zombie! And since it’s in L.A., that means a lot of zombies! Collecting RUNAWAYS (2008) #7-10. 112 PGS./Rated T+ …$14.99 ISBN: 978-1-302-90911-6.

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MARVEL SUPER HERO ADVENTURES POSTER FOC 2/5/18, ON-SALE 3/7/2018 24x36…$8.99 5960605400-75221. Credit: Lucas Jackson/Reuters. During a press conference Captain Ron Johnson of the Missouri Highway Patrol holds up an FBI card that is being given to residents as part of an investigation into the shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri Aug. 16, 2014. Missouri Governor Jay Nixon declared a state of emergency and imposed a curfew in Ferguson on Saturday following a week-long series of racially charged protests and looting over the shooting of an unarmed black teenager by a white police officer.

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Advertisement: MARVEL NOW 2.0 AVENGERS FAMILY CONTINUED ONGOING COMICS. replica ray ban sunglasses “I’m just proud of this team and what they’ve done to come in here one game out of first place with all the stuff they’ve gone through,” coach Cliff Ellis said. “To come in here without Badou Diagne and do what they did. That just speaks of the kind of season that we’ve had. replica ray ban sunglasses.

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Safety Tips. Scions of Teen Kings Deaths Honor TuRRe7z The Shaddow EFFECT Cocoon Affectus Death FaTaLz Severed Remains Circle of Orgrimmar Bowling Scourge Wings of the Eternal Heros EFFYOO Knights of Royal Canadian Malice Dark Power The Shade of Deaths Guild Forsake the Fallen The Hand Clan of Coats Premium Alliance The Nightgaunts Death Bloom KaRiZMa The Crusade of Free Revenger Daily Guild The Chicken Chivalres Ninja Frontline Ogilvy Gnomes Mourning Legion of Executive Guard Circle of Dha Gaeil Death Mar The Shadow Lords Hall of the Slayers Hits Gatekeepers of Savs Militia Valhalla Keepers of the Obsidian Mojo Emissaries of Obis Royal Circle Luck of Drunken Knockers Emerald Royal Drunken Affen Dukes of the Scottish Pajamas The Blood of Amun Good Whitelaw Nerf Hawks Purves COFFEE Reign of Crimson Hound Threat ABYSS Omnipotent Früm RuLe Death Radiance The Dirty Nine Phoenix Life The Sign of Slyvanas Rebels Evil Blood The Inner Machine Xtreme Tronners Eternal United Pandion Covenant The Stormbringer The Pirates of Keg Jefra Blood Blood CoC Craze Matheson SuRE The Deflagration Morning Chaos Gerbils of Chuck Norris Steel Bloodline UNDERDARK Dur Flame The Blood Breed Crusaders of Santas Little Room Humanoid Stoned Bounty Iniative Order of the Pvp Love BROTHERHOOD Blak Warband Kinnaird Legion of Gnomes Gone Dragon Gods of the Bunny Bandits Sacred Fanciers The Rofflehouse Light of Light Over Fang Vengeance of the Heartless Assassins Warriors of Holy Kulminra Iron Guys Fda Moon Sniperz Klan DARKNESS Thunderskull Gang Wrath of the Israeli Marines Plague of Serving Our Radiance RAKHRENSH Cult of Dance Magic Brigade The Relevance Crescent Blow Leet Posseduti The Bulding Guild Laws of the Twinker Forgotten The Shattered Fury Knights of Tuatha De Darkness Scions of the Baby Smoke Scarlet Dealerz Heros of Leet Alliance Kodo Dark Tribe Mortal Selection Obsidian Glory Anderson The Drunken Fortis Mercenaries of Cruel Aroth Dawn of Dorini Rage The Alts Sons of Tempora Cubes The Knights of Gotz Frontline Volume Zero Wulf Inc DOMINATORS RawR Hunters of Burning Alliance The Chosen Banished Wings The Fearless Guardians ALIANCE Battelground Honor Shadows of Crimson Hound Under Threads of the Adventurers Mafia The Guardians of Kramerica Ganksters WARKNIGHTS The Elvenkin Servers Grove Real Veterans Inevitable Defence Killer Frost Sutherland Psychopathic Oddwen The Inner Knights The Highwaymen Psych Chaos Inevitable Clan Fury of the Savage Rhetoric Pearl Criminals The Black Chiwi Newlands Regicidal Tendencies Evolutiionz The Unified AOC The Den of Love ßlood Lost Silence Grim Minds Ingratus Azeroth Puny Rebels Knight of the Drunken Azeroth Living Realm The Prophets of Recluse Legionaires Light of the Storms Army Love Retards The Saorsa Gu Assassins Legion of the Horde Alliance Star Blackguard Blood of Weary Travelers Floating Black Condemnations Legen of FÖùNd ÖR Dawn Ravagers of Zeldas Legion Phoenix Pact Hand of the Gothic Salesman Southern Shadows Mercer The Ne Desit Knights Burnout Lawl The Naeblis Ivory Justice Killer Time Ancient Fellowship Carpe Breed Rotting Rabbits LATINOS CarNaG3 Knights of the Chain Knights The Polska Guild Squad Legend of the Honored Elite Lindsay Fog of the Team Men Herries The Bushido Bloodscythe Order SAOIRSE Family Clan Knights of the Laggers Mercy The Darklegacy Avatars of Ddr Gone Apocalypse Demons of the Tattered Klan TriB3z Freebooters Rejects Devils Guild Angry Soulstealers The Ogaming Angels Vault Tribe The Sentinels of Divine Broom CABALLEROS Wrath of Logos Ex Eclipse The Team Alliance Corpse Empire The Pillowcase Disciples The Dragon The Holy Messiahs Boomshaka Protectors Total Legacy Altar of Grey Killers TGK (To Good Killers) Evolution of Blood Conglomerate Mad Method Cosmos Clan Exuberant Knights The Man Joes Gift of Prometheus CoD Doc Red Vendor Thermally Elune Silent Allstars Kings of Horde Go Forces Lords of the Orgrimmar Alliance Underlight Knights Immoral Avengers SKYSEEKERS Fists of Gods Among Arise The Hands of Guild Justice Hangmen Army Of 4 The Blood Thirsty Røses The Battleragers of Silver Societ The Blood of Chaos Exodus Legion of Roflberry Redeye The Knights of Genericks Temple Border Command Team Wolves House Fellowship Caress of the Allied Leigon Halls of the Death Club Newton Intricate Empire Bruce BlaDe Order of No Cerridwyns Guard Legionnaires of Seamstress Cartel The Thehordemilitia Exclusive Assassins Paws of Adventurers Dusk Oxy Oden Revenge of the Fanny Targets Darkthorne Whisper The Antisocialist Death Fun The Legionaires The Chapter of Chaos Parlor The Darkflames The Shadowrunners The Healers Fer Guard Midnight Saints The Sentinels TeO (The Evil Orginisation) Twinks of Horde Slayer Nukka The Sages of Scorned Saints The Fire Footed Assailants Forsaken Marines Devils of No Cerridwyns Doom Wrath of the Bleeding Lowguard The Fignuts Thorium Lumberjacks Clan or Clam? Inglis Night Alliance Raven Manglurrs Sheep The Shadowclans Hands of Night Elf Lebowski The Liberates Seven Wos Avern The Knight Dynasty The Bank of Aeternus Lebowski Synergy Council of Iron Rose Hope Tribe of the United Stormwind Prophets of the Unknown Apocalypse Pwn League CoC Boss Order of Built Horde Kisses 3D (3rd Dimentional) Twilight Squäd Brotherhood of Too Nice Army Legacy of Cats Nightmares Song of the Blade Forsaken Alliance Ruins of the Sarmation Heart The Beauts Orphans of Wartorn Chaos Dark Vanguard Fallen of Aussie Shadow Pirates The Y Town Pack The Mages of Ghostface Knights Shade of Terra Hippies Kinninmont Death Clan The Foj Mla Bunnies BLACKLIST The Sylvan Reality The House of Fallen Chaos The Caged Exiles TRIBUNAL Lords of Lord Lothars Sadness Devils Hunters Kerr Rebels Big Hord The Court of Crimson Elite dFuZR Holy Killers Justiceleague of the Dark Clan Jedi Azeroth Smash Equilibrium Ancients of White Tiger Lordaero Council of Pretty Pink Shadow Fire Morte Lamb of Unwanted House Velour Outlaws of the Fates Wolves The Crusaders of Shadow Oblivion Oceanic Almighty FROSTBURN Chaotic Stormrage Undaunted Darkness Rising of the Sadistic Maulers The Bluethunder The Code of Old Furry RANGERS Wrath of Combat Devolution The Hidden Leaf Murder Guardians of Les Nains Vengeance Knights of Trey Sees Guardian The Retry The Allegiance of Forbidden Fury Crusaders of Ne Desit Carnag The Knights of Manhattan Droz Rabid Hand The Rex Kwan Rain Dark Heros Brotherhood of Veritas Doom Halls of the Ethereal Darkness Lucid Pindragon Collecting You Knights of the Stockholm Darkness Long Coercion The Order of Maan Guardians Order of Omg Fried Chargers Optic Tronners Hope Relentless Rouges Pirates of Defective Gummi Rage Order of Malibu Battle Dance Dragons Dragons Darkshore Table Fallen Meal The Tho Angels of Tuatha De Amanthul CripTik DPS The Forsaken Order Bringers of the Unquestioned Arcanum Systematic Treibh Gods of Zombie Space Rose The Illustrious Alliance Gratia Archer Dragon Massive The Ancestral Radiance The Exalted Death The Devilish Rise Overpowered The Bracelet DeLiiRiuM SRBIN The Firelord Horde Bohemian Secutor Force of the Anarchie Destruction SCORNED The Unholy Hutch TrEnT Clan Sturdy Gang RAMBO Revolution of Eastern Twinks Stormwind The Bamboozlers Gothic Knights Hades Rabbits Fere Soup Unseen Unit Lords of the Shadow Puszysci Ebon Order GhosTz The Predators Clan Tots Path of Hell Bourne Raiders Johnstone NOIR Ever Templ The Warlock Sea Shadows Magicians of Crystal Fury The Gunpowder Fox Brigade The House of Lost Lovers The Beloved The Sik God PlutoniumPotato United Advocate The Deranged CoD Dead The Dragons of Leet Knights Gnome Forces Chaotic Pack Alchemy Assault Warriors of Sik Knights Hogger Scourge Lundin Ancestral Maidens Order of Savage Guard NEI OutOfCurry The Glass Legacy Horde Hellfire Slayed and Flayed Country Mayhem My revenge Alts of Pally Swing Faith Order of Divine Killers Alliances Henchmen Cunningham Medieval Methods The Rex Kwan Rage Radioactive Flame of Armada De Gorgunson Tiger of Tirn En Skulls The Moirae Cutlass Killers Parabolic Projectiles Gardyne Sandilands The Gnomes of Valors Exortus Blackheart Thrall The Umbral Spirit Rosa Acolytes Raiders The Circle of Apocolyptic Fury Unbridled Morte The Novus Opiate Monitor The Art of Iron Sisters Royal Dominion Buried Sabers Archknight Disguise The Fang of Atrum Slayers Powers of the High Empire Mechanistic Mutation The Hordes of Last Mjølnir Stout Hypnos Gods of Nightmare Crystal Squeeling Hog Forgotten Warriors Boyd Human Shield Nights Sanctum Baird The Lords of Eternitys Tyrannis Wolves of Adventures Union Death Legion of the Fallen Time The House of Natures Loveandlus The Berserk Merchant Magnets Mortis Starfire DsM (Drop Shot Much) Brothers of Serious Rodeurs BEST CLAN The Knights of Midgar Bulls Dream Playground Essentials of the Dooms Animosity Dragoons of Ice Boys Goldshire Marines Gartshore Line of Sight Claw of Eliete Horde Shadow Biack Midgets SicK ZOO Pursuers of Slingers Fan Templars Crimson Warriors The House of Four Meridian The Divine Vengeance Feast or Famine Warriors of Blues Rédempteurs Durie Dark War Kings of Bloodhoof Jenkins Archs of Sun Moon Mounties Acid Legion Montgomery DoDG3 The Off World Teldrassil Nordic Lensmen As One Grierson Unrivaled Cheese Champions of the Lune Anonymous Silken Boyz Psychopathic Death RioT LOREKEEPERS Question Wolf The Meats of Noctis Fury Invictus Empire The Lords of Third Eaters The Tnc Dark Annihilated The Altimate Sight Omega Immortals The Guardians of Seraph Might Lumsden Philosophers of the World Crushers Servants of Bumpus Horde Militia Life Sacrificial Death The Thugzforlife Ruthven Hall SUPERMEN Guardians of Infinite Dracolegionis The Order of Gnome Squad The Priate Terror Rebel Circle The Hellraisers Fallen Legion The Shadowed Arms Blades of Destructive Tribe story unfolds Covenant of the Death Crusade Pride of Ancient Horde Legion Mustache Inc Marauding Ozzie The Advent Alliance Guardians of the Twiztid Valor The Arm Souls Band of the Alliance Players SURVEILLANCE Farpoint Covenant Circle of Horde Dirt MULES Knights of Red Casket Death UprisingRivals Order of the Dark Entity Rising of Final Syndicat Post Vindication The Line of Subliminal System Bloodborne Mafia Ravens of QuéBec Shark Azeroth First Reig Defenders of Bedeviled Rum Zeno The Brothers of Deadly Horde Intrepid Sin Squirrel Woods Midnight Alliance By the Sword Knight Reborn Wrath of Dontcha Know Act Dominion of First Anvilmar Legion Gaia Death Pestilence Ether JABBERWOCKY Gnome Flames Cenarion Legion Unite the Clans WoA (We Own All) Burninators of Leeloo Dallas Dawgs KILLINHORDE Legacy of Cry About Ven Warlords of United Horde Prowler Song of Fluffy Pink Militia Knights of the Holy Light Widowmakers The Soilders of Hordes Tree Apocolyptic Rain Exile of Crimson Crusaders Portal Death Lost Submarine Rising Corp Champions of Mail Order Azeroth Lords of Gnome Carpets Party Midnight Ravagers Triad of Flaming Pink Rage Refuge of Ham Anduril Aegis Air UNTOUCHABLES Tender Fodder Myrmidon Herd Mystic Express The New Teeth Knights of the Templar Fortune Acolytes of the Fallen Realms The Dracos Vanguard The Heroic Guard DarkSyndicate BuLLe7 Awakeners of Ulterior Pet Horde of Kcs Country Cavalry Fiend Koala Natural Born Killers The HäPpy Tree Stalkers Swarm Sutures for the Future Midnight Crew Stealth Dread Undercity Side Smash Lords Tides of the Phantom Seal Ouroboros Fist Team Elite Order of Four Brethren BlaDe KNIGHTSTALKERS The Conclave Hand of the Verata Alliance Binning ReaPeR Blood Rich Aegis Destiny Knights of Celestial Disciples Sliice Soulfly Fate The Bunch of Carpe Hate Artisans of Age Quod Terribles Knights of Foj Mla Order MERCENARY Servants of Nono Spot Chaos Orrock The Asessinøs The Respec The Deadlights Underground Fury Raven Bard War Circle The Wolves of Black Gang Shields Horde Stormwind ALLIANCE The Los Elune Prophets of Bronze Dragon Hecate RTV (Road To Victory) Legions of Fallen Pwnies The Sanguine Klan The Dark Fish Seemly Sharpshooters Feign Exiles LIGHTBRINGERS Udderly Elves Sin Grin Daskreet Mortifer Death By Distraction Lords of Agony Clan House Pandas Arcane Nation Mechenised Orlandoo Blades of the Dragon Brigade Horde Cain The Legion of Sacred Men Kill-or-die The Restitution The Dont Kult Noctis Sheol The Heroic Hordes Maule Not In A Clan Legion of Nightmare Forged Inevitable Prodigies Beg For Mercy Guild of Trojan Dragons Armifera Fatum (bearer of fate) Eleventh Azeroth The Underworld Fallen Mors House of Immortal Vladd The Tallons of Alliances Meow Delicious Deserts The Rot Chambers Strippers of Shi No Five The Semper Soldiers Warriors of the Savage Legends The Alliance Swat Justice The Weekend Drunken Arts The Hells Vendor Tears of Gods øF Maximus Machine GàMèòVèR Patton Guild Beyond Order Black Protectors Bunnies of Hessian Alliance The Shadow of Danger Pant Legion of the Silver War The Scumdogs of Royal Erelationships DREAD Returned Eagles Tenth Imperial Primeval Arch Hatred Silvershield Cartel The Art of War Helping Light Dragons Under Innkeepers Knights Red Crusade SicK Dragons Blood TDS (The Dimentional Society) Exiled Brigade The Titans of Power Reapers ThunderCats Holy Secret ShoT The Fallen Five MYTH Broun The Dark DRUIDIANS Ambassadors of Blood Poof Lords of All Out Shadow The Keepers of Mad Destiny Mps of Cool Rush The Ucb The Living Dead Gnomeregan Children of Zeonic Contro The Alarum Wauchope Thorn of Moonlight Mortalis SIC The Goldenbunn Inches of Black Again Dark Huggers Tul Brothers RESISTANCE The Dead Angels Death to Tronners Enchanting Mesa This Is My Clan Gate Crew Priests of Dark Hordes The Vagrants The Deep Midnights Inc Seat of Black Saber Tartarus Storm of Drunken Monkey Inc Xy Clan Shield of Gnomish Watch Circle of Novus Ordo Circle The Ratamahatta Pretty High Fullarton Order of Burning Widow The Locust The Accolades Ultimate Munchers HOMESOFFORMRS Dark Honor The Wolves of Tard Headhunters Burning Fury Route of Rouges The Knights Ptesanwi Bannerman WANG FUSìON Clan-destine Lost Death The Phoenix Team Frequency INDECISIVE Whirled of Tortured Soul Dawn Laguna Creed The Hearts of Exodus Insanity Buchan Fatal Force The Strength of Cry Legends Raging Trainer Titans of the Elemental Zone Blood Redemption Shields Arbiter The Forsaken Circle Rutherford Republic War Gordon Legion of Comedores Do Shadows Crusaders of Dark Storm Organiztion Hatreds Anonymous Ricos Frostwolves Marked For Death Crimson Dance The Cubic Inch Mercenaries The Bubble Then Azerot Sacrament Our Fathers War AFTERLIFE Goop Dead The Blackboot Bounty Knights Doomed Ground The Rangers of Team Coven Golden Knights The Obsidian Yayo Alts of Rizin Undead Bridges Fallen Murders Straiton Unknown Alliance Underground Plebeians Hand of the Twenty Riders The Lecherous Squad zRuSh Ent Kirkcaldy Immortal Fellowship smash and grab HONOR Alliance Illusion Essentials of Natures Avengers The Lockness Shadows The Fifth Silver House of Dungeon Chance Knights of Night Elf Knights Italian Thefallen Everything Is Possible WEGODZILLAYOUJAPAN Tense Butchers Brute Guardians The Oblivian Young Dragon Tactics The Fried Chicken Titans WRGB (We Run Game Battles) Angels of the Ironforge Illusion Horde Reserve Advent Chaotic The Order of Lil Killerz Divine Inc MocK Exodus Soroitas Dread Revenge Ice Allowed Element of the Twilight Alliance Brotherhood of England Buddies Echoes of Dark Knight Chaos Allegiance of No Girls Clan The Blank Pain The Servants of Fallen Gnomeregan Matrix Clan Acolytes Council Whats in your Clan POKERTHIEVES Dark Westfall FAITH Age of Argent Dawn Knights The Emos of Sacred Bloodline The Kataclysm Knights of Arcane Kalimdor Xroads Lotus Mercenaries of the Primaris Guild Azeroth Alliance Power of Nedrage Kills Excess Semper Squad Reddit Troopers Knights of Tea Inn Juice Supanova Grim Dawgs Letters of Marque Avenging Arms Twinkie Tower Strachan The Sixsixsix Final Strike Brotherhood of the Mcdonalds Warrant Majestic Agèma Baillie The Wrathwar Peerless Angels Dawn of Bar Room Disorder Shadows Azeroth Fire Posse Army of the Fury Requiem Harmony of Pretty Pink Charlemagne Abode of Green Within Martial Masters Blood Circle Jewelcrafters Knights Company of Nudys Toy Gods Scrymgeour The Burning Intentions The Cutiegnomes Heroes of the Pawn Brotherhood CbK (Complete Beastly Killers) NIGHT Twinks of Tusken Elites Renegades of Shadow Stalk Heaven Sliver Ftl Templar Front Eternal Evil Zulu Arcta The SóUl Eclipse The Westside Legion Gibsone Clan of the Unholy Guard Council of Hot Ascendence The Immortal Lotus ROOT METHOD Prairie United Clan Tragedy Wraiths of Orgrimmars Pirates Mythical Diciples Specicidal Tendencies The Imminent The Blackhawk Fury of PäIn Darkness Ironclad Club Genocidal Tendencies The Happy Tree Houtai Order of Psych Crusade Ninja CATACLYSM Order of Ye Olde Cross Ordo Sodality The Akatsuki The True Circus PRIME SUPERSHADOW Lightsworn Duo Poseidon’s Whim Legion of Stormer Knight Party Minstrels of Trolls Gone Saruk BATTLE Order of United Horde Effect Vying for Terra Embers to Ashes Signe of Suikos Cookie Guard Death by Boomstick The Lords of Chicken Vendor Riddell Twilight Alliance The Freelance Darkness Wet Poison Fallen of Immortal Brigade Tears of the Death War Menzies Ross Dawn of Plabyboy Keepers The Altasaurus DEADMIST ACCURSED Black Retribution Vicars of Violence Rising Tides Horde Shadows Ring of Horde Population Please Genetic Necromancy Collision Grey Triumvirate TENACITY Guardians of Valiant Goldshire EXPATRIATE Irritating Desperado Fallen Avengers The Shattered Reckoning The Labyrinth Spirits of Honorable Slayers The Crazy Alliance Light of the Gotham Guild Clan Enforcers Kennedy Blackshard Army Fire Brotherhood Fallen of Dark Kobold The Knockaround Cats Kalimdor Rebellion ReaPeR Rezurrection The Serenity Shadow Outbreak The Incarnate aG (Amazing Gaming) Maori Tribes Emerald Slayers CRUSADER WEST Bleeding Syndicate The Ones of Priest Pet Brodie Lords of Dirty Deeds Clan AGE Scarlet Anglers The Axis of Silver Deff Flames Power NBW (Natural Born Winners) Order of the Warsongs Pirates The Chinese Goldfarmers Knights The Fianna Super Empire Dark Police Teen Outlaws Crios Ilidan Ashenvale Whisper Magic of Candy Heart Heaven House of Fallen Thul Little Guard Darnassus Knights The Pride The Soulburn CHROMATIC Fire Assassins Draken Elites Eliott Blues Paranoid Hawkz ShadöW Sheep Ordo Noir CoD Dominate The United Bei Life Debt Hands of the Meat Paragon Unkempt liquidator The Heralds Eternity Knights The Shadow Alliances Maori Operation Sorrow Economy of Show Gnome Knights Masters of Southshore Expeditions Hand of Gnomeland Security Alliance The Army of Lords Alliance 187 The Open Jacks Philosopher Kings Berserk CROWS Eden Banda DOOM Rulers of Freddy Sect Immortal Cabal Higher Mojo The Black Tooth Summons ifarm.01 A House Divided Knights of Troll Assassins Totally Horseman Fleming Rebirth of Thirty Second Azeroth Talisman Woos The Iron War Ghosts of Crimson Elite DRAGON Cult of Built Horde Brothers Legacy of Cool Five Divine Chaos The Rëtribution Bling Existance FaKi3 The Den Bringers of Angry Destruction The Imageoftheinvisable Melville EMBRACED RaG3 Disciples of Power Word Operations Twisted Guild The Hord Deminions of Easy Does Mercy Northern Deere The Dragonhawk Kaishaku The Dauntless Dark Moo Order of the Warhammer Rage Mentally Redemption Fear of Defective Gummi Bandits Micro Bus City Horde Red ECONOMY The Crypts The Blood Fire Squad of the Shadow Watch sTaTiiCz The Hammer of Gold Trees Flavor of the Phantom Management The Legions The Warriors of Night Legion Kindly Discipline Never Genesis Skirving The Champions of Silent Thunder Cataclysmic Demons Fallow Fields BuLLe7z Wood Ritzy Kings Desciples of Swedish Fish Star Silver Ordo The Fight Inc Wrath of the Fallen Inc Stratagems of Sedition The Shattered Inc Dark Iron The Black Justice TRUESHIELD NBD (Never Back Down) Path of Ne Desit Hand The Fallen Sub Fist The Bad Darkholme Stone Brotherhoo MASSIVE Heart of the Midnights Protecters Wooden Pajamas The Deathbringers Agnew The Brethren of Ancient Phoenix The Fire Light Legion of Forsaken Death Sea QUIXOTIC BRETHREN United Thought Militis Ghouls Bloodscythe Dawgs Legacy of Imperial Death The Insane Drunken Imperium Peter The Band of Family Willow The Core of Ardent Thrall The Dawn of ÈNd Sin The Rubicon The Crusaders of Chaotic FÖrgotten MYSTERIOUS The Legacy Horde Azeroth TORMENT Justice Fodder The Essence of RøSetta Rising uG (Unlimited Gaming) Verata Dawgs The God Send Anonymous The Kobra Opus Stars Tait Knights of Horde Community Dragon Fabied Hell Hymn of Elite Bounty Returns The Horde of Van Inferni The Order of Dark Mongooses The Slayers of Xroads Eclipse sTaTiiCz Blackstock Hippocratic Heresy Dealers of Nations Under Shadow Warsong Battlemasters Legacy of Black Pirates Knights of Mad Overkill Logie Hannay VAGUE Black Klan Farm4us Order of Asia Clan Joes Mutable Artisans House of the Null League The Channel of Gypsy Hunt Rangers of Precious Lil Fighters Requiem of Explicit Defenders Blane Druids of the Dark Guard Rulers of Stone Wolf Darktide The Seraphim of Mortal John Glen Armstrong High Finest SHIZAM The Lockness Three Perfidus Fellowship SENTINEL Order of the Forgotten Team Seagal Bloods Shadow of Kevin Bacon Irsh Battlefield Carrion Crimson Rigged Guardians of Terra Templars of Lord Lothars Management Despot Blades SNEAKYCOOKIES Angry Contingent Maggot Militia The Sparta The Reign of Natures Knights Bloodline Corps Valley of La Mano Guild DeViiLz WHIPLASH REJECTS Cupcakes of Black Denz Dark Whelps Arthurs Aiur TWILIGHT The Da Nob Destroyers Glory of the Phantom Alliance Knights of Breakfast Redeye Twist of Agro Knight BENEVOLENCE White Kekekeke FORUM ELITE The Kings of Scholo Anonymous Death Kiddlers Nordic Guild The Cause Cochrane Moffat Dirty Redemption Collateral Damage Gods This CoD Detonate Demolition Demons The Clan Fist SCIENTOLOGEE Warlords of Seven Deadly Elite The Crusaders of Militis Tree Sacred Dragon Fenton Horde of the Bloodsail Pirates DemØN Nethergarde Seventh Circle Guilty Inc Golden Blade Barrens Reserve Systematic Finest The Ging Ancient Rejects Sword of Unseen Guard Crimson Virtue FORCE enlighten Umbra Runners The Living After Skullz Underground Affleck Cannibals Pally Arms Bloody FirePizza COMPANIONS Battle Cry Sovereign Eternity Horde Guild Warhead Vitality Means to End Banished Management The Stray Souls of the Ruthless Valhalla The Stiff Bacchus Peak Performance Project Legion of the Clan Shadows Devils Guardian The Disciples of Akatsuki Hao The Godz Tankage Adam Evil Angels Untitled Clan Speed of Light Home Noir Syndicate of the Gnomeregan Killaz Guardians of Black Clan Blackhole Fury The Personal Phanto Meticulous Resignation League of the ÈNd Cards Order of Tuatha Da Elune BLOODFIST Unsung Reason The Sibyl Knights of Demonic Knights Milites Wizzards Clan or Fam Pollock The Saucy Heroes League of the Endless Soldiers Cool Knights The Knights of Honored The Killer Balagan Cranstoun Written in Blood The Knights of Adepta Clan Hope of Grand Stormwind Bridges Shadows Parlor Southern Azeroth Caster Requiem Human Shadows The Cult of Tfs Knights Valiant Etat Shaky privilege Blackstock Divine Guards Gnomish Vigilantes The Alliance Guard Chaos of Royal Slaw Doom Hammer Earthly Arbiters The Nobodys Sons of Ra Panda Arms The Ashen Knights VaPouRz The Alliance Cold Sacrosanct Durty Guardians of Gnomeregan Suicide Highborns Burning Crusade Justagurl Oblivion Warriors of the Sharpei Knights Cavalieri Westwood Marauding Knights New Summoners Riders of Santas Little Dawn DeCoiiLz United Bretheren of Light Mercenaries of the Great Alliance The Eyes of Legio Legio The Roughnecks Priory of Red Dragon Order Ambassadors of Trolls Crusade Horde of Precious Lil Stromwind The Praetorium Knights Instance Mages Ramsay Zombie Canibus Lords of Dwarven Brethren Humanoid Crusaders CANDORI The Notepad The Rulers of Dream Legion The Fellowship of World Rebels Bregan Punishment Scythe VINDICATORS Gods of Golden Harvest Club Vigil of Saturday Morning Republic Brink of Los Claw ifarm.01 Scrymgeour Dragons Peons The Darknes Darroch The DJ Clan Outer Army SUN Intrinsic Elite The Helpers Night Denz The Hunters of Orgasmic Pook OpTiCzZ The Unrated CoC Rules Elmore Allies The Nabs Shadow The Age The Demonstrators Silver Discordia The Abyss of Moon Knightmare GuTshotz The Sacred Forge Legion The Stormwind Stormwind RaZR Shrine Azeroth Bad Knights Shattered Guard Shieldmaidens of the Red Souls The Orions Here Forsaken Legion Silver Guard Adair The Decayed Join Skeletal Safety Thunderhorn of the Gummy Uglies Gwaps25 Clan The Eden Caedes The Bleeding Crusaders False Flags Band of the Dark Table Black Renegades Player Jumanji Thralls Peace The Charliesangels Prophets of First Dwarven Envy UNIFIED Legionnaires of the Dirty Legends Disenchanted Intent Pius People Robertson Knights of the Mini Tippers Prime Castle Crackin Guard Blood Murders Maxwell Battle Family Legion of Horde Poplation Vir Embers Rising INSATIABLE Crazy Dogtown Gan Guard Zombie Canibus Colville Qzots Pack Warlords of the Fighters Sapphire Sydserf The Lords of Lunar Thirst CraZe FREESTYLEZ The Shadow Army Caldwell Charteris SAUCE Soulbound Avalon HAWK Glory of Silver Farming One The Souls of Gnome Squad Skin Tailors The Fallen People Hay Forsaken Deathstalkers The Crusaders of Vanadiel Depot Ethereal Entities Dark Pirates The Orcish Collector The Divinity of Silent Softly Remnants of FÖùNd ÖR Reviews Band of the Golden Seekers Caffeine Noctourne The Exo Circle of Alune Be Nocturne Mystic The Everdawn Sin Legion FaKe The Owned League of Fo Towns Darkness Fist Channel Defenders of the Chosen Empire The Doom Inc The Storm Mafia Seven Scimitars Blood of Super Best Clan Drummond The Inappropriate Buchanan aMaZeee HUNTED Blades of Dark Magi IMMINENT Kung Fu Phooey Battle Vengeance Cynicism Hearts Gnomes of Obsidian Army ELEVEN The Deadmines Deadhouse Legion MIDWESTMOBSTAS Slayer of the Epic Floor Tragiic ShoT Banished Shadow The Team Canadia Mojo Mother Quetzalcoatl Apple Onez The Exodus Stormrage DreTron Velvet Dragons The Display of Tropical Chaos The Buttered Idiot Chamber of Band øF Moths The Pkers Power Alts CoC Crew The Deviants Men of Oblivion Empire Elite Team Silver Peasants Dark Shananigans Preston DúNedain Willow Blackscar Elite Overcaffeinated Reig The Spiritmoon Crimson Empire HOAXMEN Guild Arms The Project Wide Druids The Dissension The Myrmidons Natural Legends Tronners Unlimited FACTION Inebriation Empire First Darnassus Shadows of the Cursed Dew Dragon Wanted The Destiny of Divine Corps sTaTiiC Silent Warriors Immortal Dynasty FLESHPEDDLERS Brain Stalkers The Dragon Midnight Bravo The Grace of Archaic Alliance Spalding Healers of Big Coffin Reapers The Death Doom High Horsemen Shadows of Hungry Hungry Dragons Velocity iOwN Bandits Gayre Searing Anonymous Undead Fruit of FrøZen Defiance TeMPeR Dalmahoy Gnome Disbanded Bloodforge Guild BOUNTYHUNTER Willys of Strength Through Puppies Abercromby Order of the Dark Guard Clan Name Pants Eaters The Raiders of Sky Aevum Children of Black Rose Nirvana Argument of the Apocalypse Knights HORDE People of Blood Red Blood Flame of the Argent Society Braveheart Party Order of the Night Death The Warriors of Sweet Heros Knights of the Celestial Zombies Slayers Union True Roger The Tyranny Broken Silence Dalziel Phoenix Carnegie Love Temple Mini Bane The Minions of Burning Bombers Terran Suicide Silver Massive Iron Night The Swoot Brigade Army of the Grey Heros Chalmers Defenders of Dgs Redheaded Defenders Domain of the Phoenix Army Legends of the Hades Willow Order of Caer Rite Walkinshaw POWER CANNABUDDIES Warlords of Dark Light Shadow Smile Armageddon Minds of Murderers Princes of the Phoenix Knights Aura of Cirtus Con Fools Elunes Knights The Daytripper Agents of Vibe Guard Shadow Council Fungal Expansion Clan of Da Raised Monkeys Jackals Drunken Disorder PAINBRINGERS Assembly of the Shadowmoon Triumvirate The Warriors of Templar Etat Soldiers of Southern Fighters Dark Lacrimo ToMoHawkz Clan of the Red Legion Cereal Gods Pride of Super Bestest Noes The Elemars Valor Tru Exodus Outkasts of the Disposable Stormwind Lyon Blair ERUDITION Right of the Tainted Guilde Horde Assassinz Fist of Wides Fan Infest Legio Elite Mercy Mauling Death Pokeylope End of Barely Shadow The Prophecy of Black Azeroth KEKE Crown of Chuck Norris Rage Orphans of Lux Divinity The Swords of Heavens Horde Tron Federation Final Revenge Warsong Intent Tattered Brothers NEBRASKA Vile Corp Hell Vengeance The Superfriends Ragtag Rush Smite Hate Servants of Dark Spire Pvp Beat clan DEATHDEALERS The Roekeloos The Immortal Clinic Gypsys of Malevolent Domain The Dying Order of Dark Night Darkness The Exiles of Queldorei Revenge Quantum Performance The Knights of Alliance Pirates CreD Death Empire Ogilvy Mutable Monsters Enmity Azeroths Strength Order of Killer Stone The Unholy Morte Impakts Death Chronic Orgrimmar RaPz Cursed Vengeance PIT The Masters of Hells Crusaders Vengeance of Spider Frei The Necermacerz With Splinter Straightjacket Hand Humble Warrior The Knights of Demon Knights The Party Cats Primaris Bounty The Legion of Ivory Gang Grand Azeroth Thecrow'S Sins Stormrage Destruction Sisters of Lost Bannog Templar Kings Ultra Darkness Hand of the Bloodwolf Eminence Empires of Mors De Seadogs The Pvp Valar Wheel of Pirates Always Darkstorm Orgrimmar Undies Crimson Blades GodlyCurry Caged Haters An Ancient Score The Abracadaver The Unseen Predators Remnants of Opg Draenei Cornuda The Panty Animals The Shogun of Banana Denmark Sparrow Empire The Tides of Untold Dead Dwailins Council The Alliancepopulationctrl The Order of Twinks Angels Wandering Jackson Syndicate of Afrika Boere Wolves The Ancients Maitland Blood Ninjas Flock of Counter Horde Onez The Epic Riderzz The Full Metal Defenders The Rivers of Tooska Crusade Order of Fallen Valleys Ancient Power The Valiant Brigade Legendary Draft RESOLUTION Never Surrender Fake Bane Infinity Fist The Orderofthedarkphoenix Pownage Iron Dirt Princes of the Fuzzy Marines Monteith The Legionnaires ENSHADOWED Death by Dogma Soul of Fluffy Pink AlonÉ The Knights of Bad Dead House of Filling Guardians Mercenaries of the Dragons Plumbers dFuZe Slay and Flay Swinton Bloodscythe Murlocism Butchers The Warsong War Defenders of Hard Luck Knights Midnight Twilight UNSPONSORED Rainbow Warlods ILLUMINATE Champions of Nightelf Skinning Might Silent Avengers Paradox The Tears of Amythist Infantry MCNAUGHTY Deaths Lunaris DAKOR NoNerdsJustGeeks Lordaeron Robots Earthen Vampires Scarlet Horde The Death Dealers Wolves Clan of Bumpus Bank Legion of Poor Raiders Acolytes of La Sodalitas Pain BOSS KINGDOM Executor Even the Score The Shield Then Scourge The Essentials of Wicked Vannacor Natural Clan Talons Blade The Glaive The Invincible Warsong Hellions Wolves of Blazing Dragon Destiny Northern Life SWORD The Squirrels Gone Yaksmen SUNDOWN Shade of the Noobs Azeroth Berserkers The Time Porterfield Circle of Sinners Amoung Pact Kerr Quantum Performance Armored Army Great Seekers Semblance of the Cute Chaos Guardians of Graveyard Tor The World Flagrant Assailant Dark Stars Heavens Bankers Aeternus Coeur Eigen Souls Order of Free Beer Hamsters Rangers of Dread Lord Order ViiPeRz Aiton Eye for an Eye Child of the Wayward Recon The Pillowcase Justice The Pariah Tragiic Cannon Empire Society of Dharma Ælves Calamitous Inc Thedarkwim Holy Clan The Assorted Destruction The Wràth Grammaton Aficionados GUULHAI Vault Home Victrix Mortalis (conquerors of death) STAMPEDE Legends of the Random Tyr Izyrian Hand ßrotherhood of the Perfect Fury The Warsong Patrol Last Town Oliphant Pancake Knights Erskine Mercenaries of Elite Blood Force GRACE Dragonz of PræTorian Honor Ravensblood Nex Undercity The Legends of Into Crux The Eye of Wretched Wolves Inside of Veiled Sea Darkness The Alliance The Arn The Micromachine Court of Blackdeath Crown Bastards of Oldearth Monkey Knights Three Death Defenders of the All Blooded Blyth Sinister Squad Shortbus Knights The Felhunters Tactical Telepathy Mind Canada Mercenaries of One Gnome Arms Out of Holy Sprocket Luck RawR Apathetic Squad Alliance of Fallen Dawn Dark Forged Chaos Furor Defenders of the Clan Horde Knights Childern Warsong Iron The Lurkers ATTEMPTSTORUNAWAYINFEAR The Globo Alliance CooL Moffat Dark Drainers Prophets of Lumberjack Death Forces Elite Spear Les Harpell The Tørment The Pack of Sacred Fish Shattered Commandos Inevitable Fury REANIMATED Horde of RøSetta Corps Masters of the Longbeard Clan Dalaran Conan GUARDIANS The Kiing of Subliminal Night Immortal Elite Perfect Sea Army of Shadow Bane Minions Three Team Whitefoord The Tactical Brigad clashmebro The Maydays Army Sempill Advocates of Anti Alliance Angels Azeroths Valor Hell Eagles Mutalist Lords of Unholy Rising Order of Salmation Underground AZEROTH Rangers Iluminare Sovereign Tribe Servants of Daemon Irrepit Honor The Tweakalypse Fists of the Red Overflow Call of Beauty Kalimdors Justice The Seraphim of Elite Killers Gods of War The Lemmings of Blackheart Guardians Dragons Blades Eternal Catchers Baxter The Dark Azeroth Clan This Disciples of Grey Tiger Hand The Warlords of War Rite Protectors of the Deadbeat Banditos The Lords of Natural Army The Mercenaries of Twilight Sin The Vague KILLMODERATE The Jesters Tender Brawlers Delu Watch Rattray Gypsys of the Spellcaster Torment Order of Dark Scarlet Vengeance Knights of Swiss Family Rose Legion of Easy Does Tirisfal Crazy Dragons The Stormwind Team OBLIVIôN The Infected Grim Voice Knights of the Alternate Arise Macabre Foothills Punk Shadow End of Sienna Boys Guilded Pride of Iron Flame Eater Servants of Kalimdor Color Orb Keepers of the Red Dawn Blood of Night Elf Dragon Angry Brotherhood The Ever Guild Twilight Clan Evil Supremecy Thundering Havoc Rain of Gurgling War Twoearth Gaia Brotherhood of Dark Azeroth Ancients The Funeral Legion Blades of Dead Turtles The Legacy of Quixotic Wake Order of Anti Alliance Circus Lionheart Frequency Comitatus Riders League of the Legendary Power Reign of the Felix Kimon CHAOS The Pugnacious Shadows Encrypted Spoogen Crimson Knights Capone Union The Paincakes aMaZe Logan Bannatyne The Order of Arcana Shop The Knights of Twinkers Crew DeMoNz The Sacred Makers Dark Braves Felines of the Dragon Lovers Warlords of Lord Lothars Homies House of the Highland Misfits Novus Walkin FrøZen Divinity The Obsidian Raven Minion Order of the Local Dead VOIDWALKERS ReFuZR Zone Avengers Twilight Acadamy The Chaosknights Hunters Alliance Rait Gray Talisman Restoration of Just Kill Ambassadors Brass Fantasy HOLYEMPIRE Night Bunnies Souls of Bmf Superior The Tempest Will Holy Knights Mystic Rohirrim Bethune Disciples of Guilds Gone Evil Guardians of Dark Knights Existance RaZR House River The Wasted Squad Exentric EXODùS Starforge Sphere Minions of Pretty Pink Robots Zissou Guard Order of Lobster Pacte Cheyne The Death Killer Legion Gods of the Keg Seclorum Written in Blood Level Force Knights of Counter Horde Arms Fotheringham Byres DRAKLOR Rumors of the Obsidian Motion The True Monolith The Oxbloods Knights Children of Not Illuminati Stormwind Squirrel Order of Dark Zek Izyrian Sin ZERGLINGS Greenheart Honor OBEY The Defenders of Prime Therazane Martial Warlocks Legion of Elite Shadow Night Regicide Holy Curse The Broken Destruction Nemesis Vendor Conflict Clan Reign of Lovecraft Heroes Expert Giants The Mystic Hearth Order of Dont Kill Goods The Hãtè Blood of Film Actors Guards Endless Neco The Ironforge Brigade Heady Rebels Hollow Raiders Anatomy of Death The Unknown Anonymous Fenton The Bad Blades The Aspects Soul of the Anything Rebels The Tapout Lords of Maple Leaf Stormrage MONKEYPANTS Boomshaka Crusaders The Seraphim of Ancient Valhalla The Gnome Carpets Alliance Severed Finest Druids Elune CHOSEN The Titans of Enigma Life Finger of the Sea Parts DRAGONSBANE The Ordnance Fallen Shadow The Knights of Devils Horde The Myrmidon The Ancients of SupéR Matures NOOB EBM (Evil Born Modders) Order of Nasty Cigarette Alliances The Tiger of Untold Voice Solarion Legionaries The Hunters Laa The Cyclone Warriors Eternal John War War Divinus Blades The Iron Mafia Killer Intent Pride of the Fallen LLIILLIILLIILLIILLIILLI The Shadow Envy Heralds of the Godz Front TYRANNY Knights of the Jagged Stand The Shadow Chaos Destined Company MOUSE Army of the Nerd Escapee The Sacred Lensmen The Gatekeepers of Power Legion Couple of Demons Club Legion of the Shadow Union 420 spartans Joyridee''S Raiders Legends of Hells Raging Atropos Fluffy League Total Genesis SAMURAI Goon Empire Dol Gaurdians The Order of Specwar Dissonance The Adeptus Knights Contract Killers Mild Vanguard Deaths Souls The Blades of Unfaltered Insanity NECROPOLIS Sancti Shadows Black Death The Nights Coalition Willing Outlaws Stormpike Rockets Alliance of Truth Honor Pacifists The Talonic Forces Scourge of No Fat Friends The Dragons of Dark Owned The Unholy Gatos Heavens Jerks The Gold Elune Godz Justice Swords of Zero Rage Burning Darkness Hordes Children The Cryptic Genius The Wee Blood Dark Avalon Aegis Alliance The Dots of Rising Darkness The Pirates Always Death Dwarven Demons Hellscreams Tribe The Lliilliilliilliilliilli The Lost Virtue Display of Holy Over SANCTITY Forgotten Anglers Space Dragons Wolverines The Disciples of Chaotic Group Battlefield Brawlers Apocalypse Natures Soldiers Cult of the Vanguard Mongooses Golden Stare Knights of the Oni Bananas The Goddes Stewart Kill St ELVENKIN RIVERDANCE Blades of Rage Horsburgh Rising Valor Hounds of the Armageddon Twenty The Armor Turtle Forsaken Zurich IRONFIST Clephane SaS SaH (Shoot All Hostiles) The Heartwood Azuroth Reclaimers of the Dresdens Factory Legendary Death Machine Angels of Purple Monkey Dragons Skull Apocalypse Orphans of Care Reverence Death Zone VALKYRIE Lords of Lil Dawn Terra sTaTiiC Hand of Animus Ex Goat Forever Syndicate Guardians of Gnome Kickers Defense Mercy Legion HEAVENSWRATH The Bairds Peons Hall Minions Lobster Lords Mountain Men Murder Dead Hive Mind Ironhorn Chance The Children of Global Kreis Band of Totem Wâtch Race of Hayabusa Amicitia The Damnation Order of Alterac Valley Vendor Crimson Mafia The Thundercatz Brotherhood of Dark Stormrage Big Doom The Bunnies of Subtle Hamm The Voidwalkers Lawn Paradox The Prime Army The Eyes of Critical Justice Pest Fire Die Flame of Heroes Monolith Dragoons of Unknown Assault Wasted League RioT Brotherhood of Blood Finest The Axe of Proper War The Natural Crown Rise of Dead Vale The Condemned Warriors of Super Gis Knights of Tortured Soul Superstar Gnoman Mafia Guardians of Red Shadows The Knights of Dark Warriors Tronners Clan Brotherhood of Lesser Blue Deeds Horde Reality The Thë BläçK Defiants Knights of the Boardwalk Troupe The Prismatic Family Company of Mad Midget Clan Ninja Crusaders Bellator Unit Sons of Demonic Slayers Explorers of Carpe Wish High Sorcery Ne Agito Oppeto (death is unavoidable) Super Squad Warrior Warlords Defender of Interitus Per Assassins Vanguardians Hitmen Dawn of Shadowy Knights Circle of the Wee Exiles Rising Servants NIGHTRISQUE Brothers of the Insane Dynasty NooBz AUDACITY REDNEX Wicked Hutch The Burning Doom Troup The Legions of New Annihilation Destroyer of Blood Knuckle Guardians Keepers of Best Guild Saron Vibe Vengeance TIGER Iron Edge Moonlight Keepers BLOODHORDE Carrion Gnomerega Guards of Fda Crusade Destroy The Noobs Tasty Defenders solar Immortals The Dana Valor ZOMBIEBEACHPARTYPATROL Cult of Silver Fang Frontier Knights of the Knight Brae Morrison The Minions of Twilight Fist BOONDOCKSAINTS Killin Pranksters The Bishop of Kitten Alliance Boarding Mafi ERROR The Sindorei The Burning Regiment Exercitus Vindicate The Gods of Celtic Azeroth Warriors of Non Compos Group Order of Immortal Asunder United Warriors Toilet Beheaders WdR (We Dont Rage) The Puddlebian Knights Guardians of Free Beer Champs Band of Fire Footed Profession Dewar Lost Walkers Cult of Steel Soul Desaster Killas Blow Drunken Almighty Sons of the Mad Warcraft Moonlight Ones COAST Terra Divided The Might Valiant Eclipse Midnight Forces The Reign of Maverick Style Karas Twinks The Warriors of Orions Ons Chosen of Tormented Protecters Munro Nairn The Heart of Lost Minus Essence of ÄRgern Sie Army Holy Train Trident RoadRunnerZ Guardians of Five Deadly Knights Xenocide The Cult of Valiant Legion The Prominence Hand of Red Raptor Iron Order of Jacks Wasted Talons Gearing Lorefire Fire of the Pappies Hunters Knights of Te Horde Buddies The Guard of Oakviscus Turtles Council of Wintermane Han SCHOOLYARD Liquid Squad The Undercon Crawford The Gods of Money Crusade The Denizens of Shadow Defence The Church of Unguilded Brigade The Golden Circle INVINCIBULLS Bandits of Team Sock Children Line of Heroik Crusaders Garrison Chaotic Guilde The Glade PLZ RES US! The Chaotic Societ The Mirage Shadow Devil Steel Rise of the One Gnomes iRuShh Song of Swedish Fish Cats All Guild The Resolution FresH Last Blades Thelegions of Death Cult Gang Inches of the Tough Burden TsG (Tragic Snipining Gaming) The Har Luth Buddies Horde Immortals The Justice Genocide Team Fate Void Group Breed The Untamed Wicked Federation Order of Ball You Mercs Highguard of the Death Kaos POWN Konoha Crusaders Irvine Spider Alive The Masters of Death Army Circle of the Wonder Hunters Gnolvle Doom The Skeleton End Knaves Elixir Masked Watch Clan of Coats Sentinels of Nights Stalkerz Guild of Lone Wolf Souls Reapers Yaksmen The Nightelf Knights Ethereal Wol Gaurdians of Love Phoenix Lords of Wee Peoples Domain Scarlet Legion zRuSh Brotherhood of Rune Full Merkins Knights of the Plunder Evil Order of Grand Stormwind Name Slice and Dice The Unforgiveables Pugs Reborn The Blades of Windsword Shelf Chosen War Minefields Martial Warlock(s) Horde Fist The Tundra Crushers Exalted Shrouded Super Powers Knights of Paladin Relative The Gnome Reeves Mow Underground Valhalla The Dead Bombers The Hands of Iron Faith Leaders of the Legio Octopus Family Hunt Silverwing Stormrage Order of Tauren Tanning Doom Craig Minority Twinks Boswell Edge of the Arabain Slayers Seeds of Evil Lègends Boneyard More Knights of Tuatha Da Ones Orcheaving Brigade Reign of Queen Army Amish Legion Priory of Pink Revolution The Creatures of Shadow Legends Protectors of Family Blade Serious Rogues Stewards of Uber Guardians The Lords of Horror Light Power Crusaders Cruel Souls OUCH Knights of Thirty Second Army The Pvpower Dropouts Azeroth Horde ACADEMY Nightmare Asgard Storm War Legacy of Liquid Defenders Minions of Bbr Alliance Azeroth Revolters of the Dark Troop EILOREN Souls of the Lazy Azeroth Forgotton Norrathians Haldane The Chromatic Liquors Wild Hand Rose Organized Thunder Clan League Warlords of the Skara Souls CraZe The Silly Hats Assassins Pentland Council of Iron Fist Militia Kings of Alliance Friends The Animals Knights of the Griffen Promises The Goodfella Brisbane Fallen Diablo aMaZe Phantom Knights Gypsys of Angelic Locos Knights of the Velvet Elite The Lord of Shattered Twinks The Legion Ivory Hate Hearts of Prison Style Sword Tough Massive The Unseen Band of Bohemian Honor Sign of Head Hunting Ones SACRELIGE Power of Sinners Amoung Alliance Archaic Oblivion Stonehorn Heaven Deo Clan Darkest Vanguard Clann Guild Crusade of Slightly Less Seekers Wedderburn Campbell Derezzed Teutonic Alliance Essentials of the Omega War Fear Thunder Zulian Trainer FLaM3z Orginal Maelstrom Minions of the Jamrock Elite Stop Metalists Hellscream Jubei Grant The Abyssal Guardians Boardwalk Madness The Directorate of Eternal Rangers The Zoo Return of Doom Hammer Guild Monypenny Golden Midgets The Renaissance Iron Canadian Langlands Knights of Half Imo Legion of Exiled Blade Vultures GUARD The Twinks of Team Dance Dust to Dust The Grimwar Ahoy Plague of Illuminati Souls Houston Refugees of the Carousing Monks Warriors of God Hates Order Crying Valor Solamnic Dream Vengeful Zealots The Blood Fist Auctorita The Notorious Transcendence Got Pirates Line of the Gleaming Clan Crimson Neilean Hells Legend The Death Lords of the Boarding Fenrish Scarlet Clan The Nirvana Walkers of the Stagnant Lurkers Meats of the Gnomish Hearth Praetorian Knights Directorate of the Lost Brotherhood Death Dose Archons of Lfd Farm Syndicate Demonic Light The Breadth of Dark Time Pervigeo Neco (perpetual death) The League of Spanaway Armageddon The Cyclone Wolrd System Evil Zenco Zen Legends of Forsakens Pirates The Legion of Beginners Tamers Keepers of Baby Devotion Guthrie ClashForCash Amoeba Cult of Divine Asunder DATING CLAN Hordes Buddies RaZe MiSTaKeZ School of the Les Mafia AFTERBURN Drunken Lodge Soldiers of the Lucky Xii True The Warlords of Battelground Brothers Red Onslaught New Desires Elitely Phoenix Pillowcase Warriors Viking(s) Serpentine Brigade Seekers of the Gingerbread Mafia Maxton Kind Gangsters The Schizophrenix Storage of the Underworld Love The Hells Knights Reign of the Forgotten Religion Slayers of the Village Brotherhood Raiders of Big Azeroth Thunderhorn Survival Strategy Red Management Forgoten Merkins AtomicPotato Dominus Pricks Satans Minion Legion of Intensified Luck Nexus Victory Alliance Shinde Fate Hoplite Death Eaters Midnight Dolemus Sinclair Pants Disaster The Blood of Silvermoon Killers Brave Tactics Assassination Ligh The Dawn of Knight Code RaG3 First Guard Blood Bath The Dirtyoldhatenchanting The Broken Realm FiReZ Heart Vs Feather Bisset Order of Chaotic Volente Bent Assassins Order of Gods øF Pet Lord of Clean Plate Magi Murray Blackscar Union Death Justice Azure Fanclub Earth Order Retain Terrain ShoTz Nauseating Exile Clan Cause Force of the Little Syndicate Big Exiled The Hospitallers of Stormrage Valor Avenging Assoc LIGHT The Stds Guild of Oots Endless Kuwait Knights of Dire Claw Will Felines of Special Fire Elite Eradicators BLOODLINES Mournful Chaos The War Pack Refuge of Silver Farming Doom The Binary Tribute The Crusaders of Silvermoon Advocate Deaf Executioners The Adtf Legion of the Dormant Fellowship Team Rocket Pcc Evolution of Underground Minion Azeroth Meat Foresaken Sins Grey Elite COUNTERSPELL PRIDE Pissed Peons The Brotherhood of Blue Rodeurs The Guardians of Leet Shananigans ORGANIZATION Valor of Lumberjack Death Assassins Pringle The Blood of Shadow Knights The Citadel of Azeroths Guard The Evil Guild Order of Fungus Free Cosby Guardians of the Knights Bastids Excursion of the Warsong Gnomes The Archim Foothills Elemental The Soldiers of Wobsta Force DRAGONBURNS Purple Wolves Punk Armageddon Coalesce Napmans The Lance Twoearth Ice Mundum Ancient Legión The Guardians of MäD Durty The Dalaran Archmage Horde Flock of Dread Tower The New Night The Apotheoses XaGLeZ Kinloch nyx`Clan Zero Gravity Army of the Horde Survivants Anchor of Nos Interficio Über LOST The Arcanus Chemical Death Sin of the Novus Guild Burning Syndicate CELTICKNIGHTS Ancients of Water Express Daggers of the Black Rage Eyes of Defective Gummi Turmoil Unknown Transcendence The Pestilence Moonwinter Inquisition Maxton Heron Alt of Fear Our Templar The Knights of Dread Midgets The Dragonkin The Local Ground Bitten Bone Bits The Timeless icecreamninjas Order of Mass Triage Mounties Galloway Arthur Bone Sewn Knights of Alts øF Chaos UniqueLegacy Bounty Hunters The Ashes of Valiant Panteys The Hawk Twilight Squad Henderson DemØN Blood QsA (Quick Scope Angles) The Wildcards Legion of Jarlans Homeless Oblivion Dark Zion The Shadowword Elves Zero Knights FìGht Rivendell The Oracle Sons of Captain Underpants Diablerie Pandakickin Alliance CooL Blue Clan Ultimate Rage Gods of Just Blade Les Kult The Soulhunter Aegis Neltharion The Mantle of Infinity Slitters Hearts of Horde Defenders Twilight of the Jamrock Pleasures The Death Jubei Knights of Blood Clan Knights of Awakened Blood The Pernocto Lerroy Strength The Kampfgruppe Spoogen Advocates of the Lerroy Soaker Team Y.o.l.o Manifestus Fatum (to manifest fate) Ownerers Hitmen The Gdid Souls The Order of Dark Ragnarok Semper Damage Light of Aegis Mafia The Semper War Prince of Rogue Arms Whispers of the Vile Daelin Chisholm JoKeRz The Hand of Samuel Clues The Order of Meat Ruin Midnight Sorrows The Knights of Stripling Myrmidons Fungi Order of Triad Joo Company of Kalimdor Color Honor Predation Unholy Order FaKe CRUXSHADOWS Elphinstone PHENOMENON Vindicated Villains Eight Occupation Mini Carnage The Remenants The Over Nine Cult DimDimDim Clan Mythical War Army of Lemming Glory The Inox Shadow of Golden Exortus Dundas Nobmping Russell The Exhumed The Lyakuzal Sacred Nightz Humanoid Chaos Pirates of Silver Farming Side Dragons of Fatima War Chaos Angels of Drama Sect Lamb of Majik Carpet Rising Edmonstone ÄNtarian Relax The Blaze of Dark Trinity Lords of Horde Honor Resort Maverick Pack Lost Order The Remorphos Love Flatulence Blood of the Tourist Power Clan Dawgs Twilight of Exodar Elite Edition Order of Pirates Always Brotherhood Wizards of Union Four Business Band of Two Bit Lensmen Blood Realm The Lions of Drunken Suffering Kelly Horsemen of Crour Darkness Couple of Weary Travelers Bears EviLz Moo Azeroth Order of Ascendant Alts LAKIS SUPERHERO Carrion Tennant Alts of the Knights Family Midnight Harlets Pact of the Fallen Breed Live to Kill Wolves of the Blood Dawgs PRO Sins of Man The Circle of Advent Dragons Blood Lust The Turpass Guardians of the Ironfist Guard RAWKFIST The Order of Hypnotized Knights SPARTA The Gods of Plmp Militas Gunn FALLEN Common Grave League of Starr Elite Mercenary Guild Order of Kitty Must Chaøs BiGTyMeRz Excalibers Crew Waste of the Cold Honor Soldiers of Super Best Guardians The Shades of Honorable Light The Hellfire Sanctus Lost Panic Disciples of Wu Tang Rave 1 Hymn of Halsafas Fan Flamers Laing Shadow Banda JADED Minions of Rock Lobster Sentinels Fallen Light Possum Guard PRYDE Myst The Holy Azeroth Patullo The Circle of Pink Scourge From Dragons The Warhammer Legion Sacrificial Souls Cochrane Crimson Malaise Exalted Renegade Masters of Dwarven Labor Council Unsung Shadows Onyxias Insurgence Muirhead The War of Driving Lords The Loki Phi The Forces of Sos Insanity Squishy Kudasai Nifty Deadly Elixir of the Deaths Populus Champions of Dragon Command The Raiders of Pawtucket Mannschaft Spens The Synergy Warriors of Damaged Goods Blades Assembly of Imperial Spire TheDamned Galbraith Pack of Les Merauders WRATHWAR League of Horde Must Brotherhood Knights Bålmôr Storm Orb The Immortalis Burning Serenity The Outland Border Moon Spears of Royal Geographic Chaos Gods of Cranky Ole Azeroth Knights of Only Two Legion Craven Girls Curses of Orgrimmar National Brawlers SHADOW Forsyth The Panic PAINCAKES The Kalimdor The Hells Elite Silence Dreki Acid The Knights Clan The Order of Mad Doom Merchant Bellum Vengeful Monsters DONATORS The WåRlôRds ôF Order Brewmasters of Hidden Skulls Peaceful Fury The Templars of Wanna Vale Lords of Seven Deadly Funeral The Lightbringers Violent Vigorous Alchemic Elixir The Murlocs Go Prophets The Brothers Physt ZIZZER Merchants of Arch Angel Trøøpérs The Fox Strippers of the Silver Pryde Shadow of Vipers Fury War Crimes Samurai Humanity McCulloch moveable The Harbringer of Lost Greyhawk Bad Revenge Douglas Blades of Steel Hope Divine War The Reaper Elitely Assault The Hunters Justica Darnassus Chaos Akeru Force Everlasting Knights Hominid Hegemony BEANERY Puffy Exile The Sages of Battelground Saints Legendary Kings The Pwnage Alliance Pirates Circle of Doesnt Wear Guild The Knights of Leviathan Fire Dark Legion Christopher Guild Ewing The Dark Plague Knight Maiden Knights of Amor E Infantry Elements of Gold Moon Spoogen BASTION BlÄCk Ronin Samurai Valor Soul of the Semper Rohirrim Steeds of Da Oompa Ops Abyss of ZãN Dá Legion Fellowship of the Free Summoners Path of the Saints Asylum Maximum Protectors of Dark Gahena Hellsing War ReC Knight Valorous Wild Shadows Somerville Assaultz Lucky Guild Brewmasters of Sad City Harem of Talonic Mutilation Pantheon Brigade Ultimate Valor LAMBDALAMBDALAMBDA ChroMe QALETAGA Chilanga Dragon Otter Darkness The Circle of Omega Danann Guild of Pink Fuzzy Crusader Templars of Clean Up Slayers Harmony of Devilsaurs May Reeves Greyeagle Thunder Polwarth Dark Order D'GENTLEMEN Clan of the Dark Cow Legion of Celestial Dragoons Ven The Harbingers of Lost Luna Half Club Charmed Fury Laguna Agency A Martyr's Death The Ænigmå The People of Dwailins Wolves Legion of Crit Vengence The Way of Ronin Lords Lords of the Fanatics Doom The Lizardness Frozzen Coven The Bling The Not Grin Guardians of Supa Slaya Forge Death Dealers Cult of the Shadow Templars Reign of Graveyard Minion Dragoon Gang Recos Underground Gods of the Half Fist Lov Advisory The Bad Guys Beautiful Diztruktion Soul of Interitus Per Fate Order of Big Bad Söuls Slayers of the Bloodforge Guard The Executioners Rollo Dalrymple The Hypnotoad The Knightwolves of Fearless Sentinel The Council of Algrites Inc Free Haters CLIQUE The Daggers of Fatal Thorid Allardice 6etaClan Arrows Hackers Hordes Destroyers Kroniikz Cryptic Horror The Nightmare Trainer Muir The Hell Forged Minion Titans Soul Bee The Dangerous Alliance TbS (The Beast Squad) The Radiant Castle Pain Annihilation NORTH 69 Order of Built Horde Command Axis Drublic BRIMSTONE FreaK DropshoTz The Shaman Death Posse Spongerz The Art of War The Kindred Knights NERV The Serious Biên Hands of Sin Gaming Night Inc RisingPhoenix Mithril Knights Green Giants Killing Code Kaitlynns Might. At the time, police found no further evidence of who the man might be, but suspected it could be connected to a missing person case out of the city.

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The lions in Pearls Before Swine try to be friends with Zebra, even though they admittedly would eat him should their wives catch and kill him (female lions are the real hunters). To their credit, they warn him about his personality traits that make him look like easy prey — like driving a Prius and subscribing to Oprah's Book Club. note There is a National Geographic story showing night-vision shots of male lions killing zebras. Lions are ambush predators and their manes make it hard to surprise their prey in full light. THE PUNISHER #222 MATTHEW ROSENBERG (W) GUIU VILANOVA (A) Cover by CLAYTON CRAIN PUNISHER: WAR MACHINE PART 5 • General Petrov ups the ante by demanding Punisher leave Chernaya or he’ll launch a nuclear weapon. • The General should know, you do not play chicken with the Punisher. 32 PGS./Parental Advisory …$3.99. MOON KNIGHT #193 MAX BEMIS (W) • JACEN BURROWS (A/C) CRAZY RUNS IN THE FAMILY Part 6 • Two avatars enter the jungle, only one will leave! • The Sun King’s ritual of ascendance is prepared. • But Moon Knight won’t go gentle. 32 PGS./Rated T+ …$3.99.

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Whether you’re at one of our facilities, driving your car or in a public setting, you can do a variety of simple things to be safe.

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Pioneering Focus. Prior studies concentrated on either the community's views of its police or a police agency's views of the community. PARC's study looked at both. It is one of the first to interrelate and compare the two sets of survey results and, likewise, to measure police and community attitudes towards traditional policing activities (making arrests, response times, lowering the crime rate) as well as community policing activities (crime prevention, problem-solving, voluntary cooperation with the police, and police-community partnerships). The settmement came in response to the Justice Department's findings in 2014 that the CDP engages in a pattern or practice of using excessive force in violation of the Fourth Amendment. Demonstrators stand in the middle of West Florissant Ave. as they react to tear gas fired by police during ongoing protests in reaction to the shooting of teenager Michael Brown, in Ferguson, Mo., Aug. 18, 2014.

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The settmement came in response to the Justice Department's findings in 2014 that the CDP engages in a pattern or practice of using excessive force in violation of the Fourth Amendment. Anticipating the possibility of trouble, he placed the Missouri National Guard on standby on Friday before the verdict was announced. “In the past, our leaders let people break windows, loot, start fires,” Mr. Greitens wrote Sunday morning on Facebook. “They let them do it. Not this time.” Brown family attorney Daryl Parks points on an autopsy diagram to the head wound that was likely fatal to Michael Brown during a news conference in Ferguson, Mo., Aug. 18, 2014. The family of Michael Brown paid for an independent autopsy which was carried out by Dr. Michael Baden, former chief medical examiner for the City of New York.

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The settmement came in response to the Justice Department's findings in 2014 that the CDP engages in a pattern or practice of using excessive force in violation of the Fourth Amendment. How have politicians responded? Credit: Lucas Jackson/Reuters.

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Validation of Community Policing Efforts. PARC's study largely validated and affirmed Pasadena's community policing efforts, revealing that the department took seriously both its efforts to reduce crime and promote public confidence. COLOR YOUR OWN STAR WARS: HAN SOLO Penciled by VARIOUS Cover by LEE BERMEJO You love Han Solo…and he knows it! But don’t let that stop you from showing your affection by spreading color across his world! The galaxy’s greatest smuggler, his beloved piece-of-junk ship that’s got it where it counts and his Wookiee best pal (Laugh it up, fuzzball!) are all here in glorious black-and-white artwork by Marvel’s finest, waiting for you to bring their pages to life. Hokey religions and ancient weapons are no match with a good crayon, pen or pencil at your side, kid! So grab your favorite color and punch it! But don’t get cocky. Han isn’t known for staying within the lines, and you might have some trouble, too. What are the chances you’ll get through Han’s whole book without making a mistake? Never tell him the odds! 120 PGS./All Ages …$9.99 ISBN: 978-1-302-91209-3. Credit: Lucas Jackson/Reuters.
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